Weedeater - Jason… The Dragon

"Jason... The Dragon" is a dirty, monstrous album. Aside from the magnificent sludge metal that Weedeater has produced in the past, this album contains, as best I can describe, melancholic bluegrass. Now, it only comes up in one song ("Palms of Opium") and the 'outro' ("Whiskey Creek") which also contains a nice ditty played on piano. Yes, those elements did throw me off a bit, but it in no way threw off the album as a whole.
Every track, aside from the aforementioned, contains some of the filthiest sludgy goodness as I can imagine. It is magical, to tell the truth.
Dave Shepherd absolutely kills the guitar. His droning, southern accented playing, in every way possible, helps to form a rather unique sound for Weedeater. Keith's drumming is extremely well executed. He does not rely on double bass and blast beats like some bands in the genre do. He keeps it nice and steady and sets up an amazing tempo. And Dixie's vocals? I have been a fan of Dixie for a long time. Buzz*oven are an amazing band and I have looked up to them for years. His vocals are pretty much the same as he expresses in Weedeater as he does in Buzz*oven. I love it either way. From tracks like "Hammerhandle" to the self-titled Jason... The Dragon (which has one of the best song lyrics I've ever heard: "you smell like fuck"), I was not let down whatsoever.
These North Carolina boys know how to deal out dirty music and they have put together an amazing record that will not go unnoticed when year end lists come around. Bravo!

Ross Gnarly
Full review at: American Aftermath

Band Info: www.myspace.com/weedeater
Label Info: www.southernlord.com
For fans of: Buzz*oven, Bongzilla, Sleep