Desultory – Counting our Scars

Just when you though that some of your long lost adolescent musical heroes were permanently retired, fully committed to a life of changing diapers, taking the kids to school and working in some neat office from nine to five, comes the rumours of a possible reunion and before you know it, they come out with a new record.
Sweden’s Desultory are one of those bands giving another go to their career, and although I wouldn’t exactly rank them among some of the ultimate acts from my adolescent days, the band did released a remarkable record that remains to this date, a classic in melodic death-metal called “Into Eternity”.
So where does Desultory stands fourteen years after their latest release? Well for one thing, these guys have definitely not mellowed with age as “Counting our Scars” sounds as fierce and brutal as some of the Swedes’ early works. They're back to the melodic death-metal style that categorised some of their best works, perhaps with a little more emphasis on the death side of things since the new songs definitely sound more brutal than I used to remember them. Album opener for instance “In a Cage” bursts forth with high-powered blasts, furious riffs and some highly memorable guitar harmonies, setting the pace for the remaining songs. In short, if you want your Swedish death-metal delivered in a frenzy mood, full of loud and memorable riffs then you can do no wrong with “Counting Our Scars”.
In terms of comebacks, this is surely one of the best efforts I’ve heard so far. No question about it. (7.8/10)

David Alexandre

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For fans of: Seance, Eucharist, Dimension Zero, At the Gates