Human Improvement Process - S.T.A.R.S.

HUMAN IMPROVEMENT PROCESS are a group of Italian metalheads who take an interesting blend of metalcore mixed with electronics to make a unique sound that is yet another good band to come out of Italy. The album is chock full of hard hitting riffs and aggressive screams countered by the occasional clean chorus. The band’s latest release, S.T.A.R.S., has plenty of heaviness for those who wish to break their neck banging their head.
“One Second: Our Eternity” is the debut track from the album which will probably throw you off a bit. The intro track is very reminiscent of LINKIN PARK electronics. It really creates anticipation in the atmosphere with the piano and it is well put together. What comes next is not particularly what I was expecting as the intro comes to a close, “Ascension of Silence” enters your audio canal with a sharp and aggressive guitar riff quickly followed by pounding drums and a kick you in the ass scream. The flow of music from intro to the second song is not really what one expects, but it is easy to forget the awkward transition and get lost in the brutality of HUMAN IMPROVEMENT PROCESS. The song flows nicely into a clean chorus performed pretty well which reminds me of DIVINITY DESTROYED and DIECAST.
“S.T.A.R.S.” kicks in with a mixed sound of NECROPHAGIST and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER splashed with a dose of originality. The intro vocals and the aggressive guitar playing are what bring those bands to mind. Continuing in the song, the pre-chorus consists of more of a hardcore feel as the cleans are done more in a group scream fashion and then flow into the fully clean chorus. It is an interesting mix that won’t bore you and keep you interested as each sound and movement is not completely predictable.
“Weight of Guilt” continues in a similar fashion as the previous tracks; however, this time they break things up in the middle with a brief electronic break. I really enjoy the electronic breaks, but I just wished they would utilize that aspect more in their music to differentiate it a bit.
The album comes to a close with “The Remaining Hours” in a similar way the album started - with a piano. The intro to this track creates another real atmospheric and anticipatory feeling which then leads into a slower more epic sounding guitar riff. This song seems to have the most “soul” on the record and certainly sticks out since it is a bit of a different sound. Around the midpoint of this instrumental, an electronic part fits very nicely over the epic guitar progression.
All in all the newest effort, S.T.A.R.S, by HUMAN IMPROVEMENT PROCESS is pretty solid and shows a lot of potential with this band. Personally I wish they would utilize their skill with the electronic parts a bit more like the final song, “The Remaining Hours” and use some of their aggression from the rest of the album with it. Despite my brief criticism, I know I’ll find myself giving this album a few more spins at least. If you are looking for a pretty heavy metalcore band with a few surprises here and there, these guys will be a good find for you. (7.5/10)

Devin Walsh

For fans of: Diecast, The Agony Scene, Threat Signal


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