Legion of the Damned – Descent into Chaos

Now this is more like it! Great, savage and undiluted thrash-metal with a slightly modern edge!
Anyone familiar with Legion of the Damned’s previous works will know exactly what to expect from the Dutch’s fifth album “Descent into Darkness”, there’s none of that retro-obsessed ideas to be found here nor there’s the interference of outside nuances just to please new audiences. The four-piece plays strong, razor-sharp and lethal thrash-metal like it’s supposed to sound in this day and age, and this album can hardly be faulted.
Certainly "Descent into Chaos" doesn't mess around, immediately after the intro that names the album we’re hit with the bone-crushing “Night of the Sabbath”, 3:32 minutes crammed full with furious and infectious riffs that have a Slayer ring about them. The axe work of Richard Ebisch is remarkable and should be outlined as the guitarist really has an undeniable instinct for crafting killer hooks.
Throughout the remaining eight tracks, “Descent into Chaos” maintains a rather consistent level of intensity with the band playing with utmost fury and confidence. “War is in my Blood” for instance, alternates a mid-tempo aggressive pummelling akin to Kreator with maniacally fast riffs.
The top-notch production work, courtesy of Peter Tägtgren at his Abyss studios, gives the whole thing a modern edge without ever concealing the savage nature of Legion of the Damned’s thrash sound. Summing up, “Descent into Chaos” is a killer album and a breathless reminder of how good thrash-metal sounds when it’s done properly. (8/10)

David Alexandre

For fans of: Kreator, Slayer, Warbringer