Apostate - Trapped in Sleep

If you’re the type of person who likes to revel in all things melancholic and morose, then Apostate’s “Trapped in Sleep” might be the ideal companion for one of those lonely and depressive nights of yours. The sound of this Ukrainian five-piece reminds me of Anathema’s “Serenades” and Paradise Lost’s “Gothic”, there’s a similar feeling of sadness and anguish prevailing in these seven tracks. The pace is slow and dragging, the guitars shift between heavily melancholic riffs and heartfelt harmonies, keyboards add an atmosphere of desolation and the vocal interaction between growling and clean singing enhances the sense of drama and depression.
Although, the band’s sound is fairly competent and charming, it's tough for me not to consider it slightly passé and unessential given that “Trapped in Sleep” merely rehashes some ideas that were conceived almost 20 years ago in a more gratifying and interesting fashion.
Well, given that it’s the band’s first full-length effort since their inception in 1993, I trust that they’ll do a little better next time, or certainly infuse a little more individuality and sparkle into these archaic songs to make a stand in a genre that is dominated by way more interesting artists like Novembers Doom. (6.2/10)

David Alexandre

For fans of: old Anathema, old Paradise Lost, Draconian, Saturnus