As We Draw - Lines Breaking Circles

Claiming to be the best post-metal release of 2010 isn’t really a good start. The music of As We Draw is tense, heavy and well-played, but certainly not as unique or innovative as their press release suggests. I know the words “post” and “metal” conjured together are sufficient to scare most of you off. Believe me, I know. I’ve heard like a zillion of Neurosis and Isis wannabes in the past few years and to tell you the truth As We Draw doesn’t differ a lot from the load of acts utilizing the quiet-loud song structure. Yet, although these songs may sound a bit washed-out and over familiar, this French trio can still sound genuinely miserable and pissed off to convince fans of the genre to give them a chance. "Lines Breaking Circles" is simultaneously bludgeoning and contemplative, heavy riffs crash against tense chord progressions, while a caustic and anguished Quentin SauvĂ© screams over it. In songs like “Sin of Addiction”, “Burst of Colour” and “Drowned in Flames” the French trio denotes some obvious influences from bands like Isis, Rosetta and Cult of Luna while in other themes like “Shame”, “Shield” and “Draft” they shift to a more sulphuric approach that reminds me of Coalesce and Narrows.
If you like some of the bands mentioned above, I’m sure you’re going to appreciate As We Draw as well. The band shows some serious potential here and I look forward to hearing more from them in the next few years. (6.6/10)

David Alexandre

For fans of: Isis, Rosetta, Cult of Luna, Coalesce, Narrows