Crucifyre - Infernal Earthly Divine

Comprised of former and current members of General Surgery, Morbid, Afflicted and Regurgitate, Crucifyre is sort of a reunion of old buddies with a common desire to revive some of the favourite moments from their childhood heroes and drink a few beers along the way. I guess that’s one way of looking at Crucifyre since the originality factor is low and “Infernal Earthly Divine” merely regurgitates the lessons provided by Autopsy, Slayer, Motorhead and Dismember, without really adding anything new to the genre.
This nine-track affair boasts that low-end ugliness and full-frontal assault of bands like Autopsy, Entombed and Dismember and merge it with the razor sharp axe work of Slayer and the more punkish-attitude of Motorhead.
Take opening song "Born Again Satanist", which sounds like a cross between Motorhead’s unbridled and straightforward aggression and Slayer’s ravaging and creepy riffing. If that theme evokes some memories of Slayer, wait until “Thessalonian Death Cult” kicks in with a riff that sounds uncannily familiar to “South of Heaven’s” immortal tune as if guitarists TG and Urban Skytt are paying homage to King and Hannemann.
If the original idea of Crucifyre was indeed to recreate that old-school vibe synonymous with “Reign in Blood”, “Seven Churches” and “Mental Funeral”, then “Infernal Earthly Divine” is a complete success ‘cause one of the most striking things about this album is how vintage it sounds. I swear you’ll be checking the recording date on the album credits just to be sure this wasn’t recorded in early 90’s when Chris Reifert still had that Midas touch to write crushing riffs and Kerry King had nothing but leather and spikes in his wardrobe. (6.8/10)

David Alexandre

Label info:
For fans of: Nihilist/Entombed, Autopsy, Slayer, Possessed