Speed/Kill/Hate – Out for Blood

Speed/Kill/Hate - seems that these are the principles of this New-York quartet, not necessarily in that order. “Out for Blood” marks the end of a seven-year hiatus imposed by several line-up problems and it really shows a reinvigorated group with an atrocious hunger for blood, determined to inflict as much aural damage as possible.
Band leader and guitarist David Linsk, also of old-thrashers Overkill, despite all the adversities didn’t throw the towel to the floor and recruited some extremely competent musicians to execute an admirable thrash metal record that manages to sound vital and modern in the current metal scene, without ever betraying the most defining and essential traits of the style.
The aggressive attitude of the band is a constant throughout the entire album’s length, either in the faster and relentless tracks such as “No Remorse”, “Brotherhood of Arms” and “Stains of Callous” either in the more mid-tempo and crunchy themes such as “Behind the Mask” and “Slain”, which are ideal to work out those old muscles on the neck. Some songs remind me of Dino Cazares’ latest musical adventure Divine Heresy, largely thanks to some of the more mechanical riffing of Linsk, while others seem to draw a more old-school influence, with the likes of Slayer, Exodus and Overkill popping up as the most immediate reference points.
There are no doubts that the injection of new blood into Speed/Kill/Hate had allowed the group to come back more solid, deadly and recharged and although “Out for Blood” is not a brilliant and groundbreaking record it is most definitely a good and extremely competent work that will certainly please fans of both old-school and modern thrash-metal. (7/10)

David Alexandre

For fans of: Slayer, Exodus, Overkill, Divine Heresy