Turbocharged – AntiXtian

The name kind of suggests something along the line of retro-rock or 80’s rock-glam, doesn't it? Well this Swedish-based trio does possess a retro obsession, but it’s directed at a punk-charged thrash-metal in the vein of Motorhead and Celtic Frost. The policy of Turbocharged is a simple one, to churn out some direct and raw riffs with a fierce intent and no frills attitude, shout some words against organised religion and zip up a few beers along the way. It’s retro all the way to the bone and Turbocharged really feel proud of wearing their influences on the sleeves as “Antixtian” is nothing more than a rehash of some the minor accomplishments of Slayer, Motorhead and Celtic Frost between others. Please note that I’ve said minor accomplishments ‘cause a large part of the material sounds absolutely banal and will hardly appeal to anyone but the most ardent of retro-heads out there.
Songs like “Ghetto Eden”, “Nekronobodies” and “Wake up and smell the Christian” sound like b-rate Motorhead tunes, while “Antixtian”, “Lionbait” and “Globalize the Blasphemy” follow the same basic formula that has been Celtic Frost’s trademark for over 25 years now.
That said, those of you that still have a hard-on for the unadulterated and savage intensity practiced by the likes of Motorhead, Celtic Frost and early-day Slayer will probably find something here to get you excited. (5.2/10)

David Alexandre

For fans of: Celtic Frost, Motorhead, Possessed, Slayer