Phobia - Unrelenting

If you like your grindcore to sound like the ugliest car wreck you ever imagined, then Phobia’s “Unrelenting” is perfect for you. Just like its title suggests, this new EP featuring 16 tracks is intense and ruthless all the way through, it’s fast, ferocious and insane just like any damn good grindcore release should be. This one is all about going straight for the jugular without second thoughts, the drumming is frenetic, the vocals are disgustingly vile and the riffs are so brutal and savage that makes Pig Destroyer sound like a pop-punk act. Songs like “Rehashed”, “Enemy Within” and “Tradition of Power” are like the aural equivalent to a severe and quick beating from someone like Mike Tyson heavily dosed with steroids and amphetamines. Scary isn’t?
The rules have not been broken on this one I assure you, this is a straight up grindcore coupled with a lethal dose of punk nihilism and if this doesn’t accurately describe this record, I guess nothing does. (7/10)

Bryant Thomas

Label info:
For fans of: Napalm Death, Kill the Client, Magrudergrind