Switchtense - Switchtense

In a time where it is increasingly common to listen to completely sterile metal records, devoided of any soul and personality, which were written with musicians trading files over the internet without being together in the same room for a single rehearsal, and were registered with the most sophisticated recording software available like Pro-Tools or something, it’s always comforting to still come across bands that still resort to old methods and are really committed to carry all the energy and emotions of their live performances and rehearsals into the studio.
While listening to the new record of Switchtense is easily perceptible that this Portuguese quintet belongs to this fraction, dedicated to refine and razor-sharp their aggressive thrash-metal by hitting the stage as many times as humanely possible and not by sitting in front of a computer experimenting with every feature available on Pro-Tools.
That said, “Switchtense” is great record that faithfully recreates all the intensity and aggressiveness of the band’s live performance. The 12-track record features the band sounding heavier, with the riffs and beats sounding more destructive and intense than anything from their past work “Confrontation of Souls”. Indeed, songs like “Face Off”, “Living a Lie”, “In Front of Your Eyes” and “Unbreakable” rage harder than anything offered on their laudable debut work and are also some of the fastest songs recorded by the group to date. Even though, “Switchtense” is for the most part an incredible fast, pummelling and combative record, it also sees the band focusing on slower and mosh-inspiring tunes like the opening song “Concrete Falls” or “Head of State” for instance, which offers some well-placed breakdowns and plenty of infectious and chugging riffs that will incite a lot of activity in the mosh-pit.
Bottom line, this new record reflects a band that’s older, wiser, but still more feral and committed to inflict some serious aural damage in their listeners. (7.8/10)

David Alexandre

Label info: www.rastilho.com
For fans of: Dew-Scented, Hatesphere, Slayer, Lamb of God