Brainoil - Death Of This Dry Season

Drenched in vicious, raw crust-sludge riffs and anguished yowls, it’s clear that Oakland’s Brainoil aren’t in the subtlety game on their second full-length “Death Of This Dry Season”. 
Made up of current and former members of Laudanum, Stormcrow, Watch Them Die, Destroy!, Dead Language, Grimple, Pig Heart Transplant, their sound is a mixture of groovy-influenced sludge with a dash of crust nihilism that has no qualms about sucking you in for a ugly and unpleasant ride throughout 25 minutes.
The title theme opens the album with some modestly bluesy sludge riffs, some rumbling bass lines and violently retched vocals, and the band maintains the same groovy and bare-bones attitude throughout the likes of...

David Alexandre

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