Death Valley Driver - Choke the River

Fans of that sludgy musical style otherwise known as swamp metal will probably want to check out Death Valley Driver’s first full-length record “Choke the River” as the Canadians engage in some grandiosely groovy and punchy riffs that reminds me of Down, Crowbar and Corrosion of Conformity.
They kick things off with the title track, a bouncy and groovy tune that's sees vocalist Dan Hodgson spiting out his whiskey-soaked and gravel vocals over some crunchy and head-bagging riffs. Following tracks kind of stick to the same formula, occasionally the band ventures into harsher and thrashier territories as evidenced in “Heavy Lies the Crown” and “Sleeping all December”, yet essentially “Choke River” is filled with groovy and sludgy guitar riffs, boogie rhythms and beer-fuelled vocals.

David Alexandre

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