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Earth Crisis has always been known for their politically-charged message, which promotes veganism, human and animal rights, and the straightedge philosophy.
Yet, the Syracuse NY-based quintet is more than just a voice against negative or dangerous behaviours. They're also one of most influential bands in hardcore and metal delivering albums throughout their 20-plus year career that has been raised to cultlike
Guitarist Scott Crouse took a few moments to talk about the band’s longevity and their new record “Neutralize the Thread”.

You guys started the band when you were just in your teens. How have your relationships changed over the years, and what have been the high and low points for you in your time in Earth Crisis?

We are one of the lucky few bands that are able to maintain friendships and work together musically for all these years. We have had a few member changes, but the core of this band has been intact since day one, and we all get along really well to this day. That's not to say we haven't had our share of disagreements and tense moments, but in the end we all understand each other very well and know the difference between frustration and anger.

When the band reunited in 2008, did it take long for you guys to re-establish your chemistry?

Not really. The first practice truly felt like we never stopped. I think Earth Crisis is part of our DNA at this point!

The band's comeback record, 'To the Death' clearly showed Earth Crisis on top form, following a nine-year hiatus from recordings, and is with no doubt one of your heaviest albums to date.
Were you satisfied with the response to your comeback and release of "To the Death"?

I think we all are pleased with how it came out, and those songs were some of the most well received new material we've ever had.
It usually takes people some time to get into new songs live, but those seemed to click immediately.

On new record "Neutralize the Threat", you demonstrate yet again your proclivity for exploring the most aggressive and unrelenting side of your music. Why do you think it turned out like that?

We always try and push ourselves to not make the same record twice. So many bands in this genre don't push themselves, or take enough chances in my opinion. We always strive for originality on progress on every recording.

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