The Konsortium - The Konsortium

Even though Norway has produced enough rudimentary and cult black metal bands to congest a wide Norse forest, it also has given birth to some of the most compelling and innovative music crafted over the last two decades. This year, The Konsortium are one of the most exciting outfits to fall under this bizarre pedigree of vanguard acts that goes from In the Woods to Kvelertak. While they do indulge in some fierce and devilish black-metal, they have also been able to incorporate some progressive and psychedelic aspects into their sound, coming off like later Satyricon mixed with King Crimson. Calling this “avant-garde” however would probably be far too stretched, because even though the songs possess a bizarre and sinister vibe to them, The Konsortium aren’t really as out-there and cryptic as Arcturus or Dodsmeigard as some press have led you to believe.

Alex Grimm

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