Stonelake - Marching on Timeless Tales

StoneLake are a band that although having only formed in 2002, have been around in one form or another on and off since 1984. This 27 year partnership is extremely apparent on this effort, with the guitars and the vocals complementing each other very well.
Marching on Timeless Tales is their 5th effort, and the title does seem to suit this band perfectly. With lyrics touching on fantastical battles and daemons the band very much go into Power Metal territory, with tracks such as Red Canyon and Sound of a Whisper.
Whilst listening through I got a sense that this band haven’t particularly left the 80’s in a musical sense with the music hitting a rather nostalgic spot of a poor man’s Seventh son of a Seventh Son or Painkiller. Whilst not a bad thing, Stonelake seem more like a nostalgic act than an act ready to take on the 21st century.

James Merrett

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