All Pigs Must Die - God is War

With a name like All Pigs Must Die, it's clear that this Massachusetts four-piece are not into the subtlety game and their music is not to be taken lightly. Vile as a gangrene infection and menacing as the great white shark, “God is War” is one of the fiercest, ugliest, most threatening records issued this year.
From the get go, “Death Dealer” demonstrates what APMD are all about, enraged and buzz saw riffs, furious and relentless percussion and gut wrenching snarls amongst other delights. It’s like a cross between the primitive extreme metal of acts like Celtic Frost and Entombed with the raging d-beat/hardcore of Cro-Mags and Discharge. “Pulverization” recaptures that vintage Entombed sound, with the savage chainsaw guitars crushing all in their path while vocalist Kevin Baker spews pure bile. “Sacrosanct” erupts with relentless fury sounding like a fucked-up collaboration between Discharge and 1349.
Clearly, All Pigs Must Die (which features members from Converge, The Hope Conspiracy, and Bloodhorse) are not trying to break new ground with “God is War”, instead they seem sadistically pleased to fuck up with your aural and nervous system by tossing out a vicious amalgamation of metal, hardcore, crust and punk with unrelenting menace, abrasion and malice.
This is top-notch material that deserves a place your record collection right next to “Left Hand Path”, “The Age of Quarrel” and “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing”. (9/10)

David Alexandre

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