Coldworker - The Doomsayer's Call

Having traded US cult label Relapse for French independent Listenable Records, Swedes Coldworker figured out this would be a good opportunity to give an additional kick to their songwriting and performance skills and implement more rhythmic variance into their death-grind sound.
Not that there was anything wrong with it, their previous two releases, “The Contaminated Void” and “Rotting Paradise”, offered some pretty intense and pulverising moments that could rival with the likes of Phobia, Rotten Sound and Kill the Client.
Anyway, if the intention for album number three was to create a more dynamic and individual record then, mission accomplished ‘cause “The Doomsayer's Call" is their most complete and diverse record to date without any doubts. Whereas previous works saw the Swedes stepping hard on the pedal to create maximum aural wreckage, this new record sees Coldworker delivering more straightforward and slow-burning riffs that provides great contrast with the high speed grind attack. The aptly titled lead-off track, “A New Era” with its slow and infectious simplicity proves that “The Doomsayer's Call" doesn’t merely regurgitate old ideas, but introduces a variety of tempos, rhythms and song structures that gives each song a character of their own. Following themes, “The Reprobate”, “The Glass Envelope” and “Flesh World” feature a perfect balance between relentless sonic violence and rhythmically engaging brutality, displaying exactly how good death metal should sound like in this day and age. (7.8)

David Alexandre

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