Confront Hate - Diabolical Disguise of Madness

For a first offering, “Diabolical Disguise of Madness” is not far short of staggering. The combination of diverse sounds presented, from ethereal, introspective soundscapes to furious and pummelling elements is astounding and makes it a highly good listen. Well, that, and the expert songcraft, too. There are nods to Meshuggah and Gojira in the way they fuse technical and crushing riffs with dark, dissonant and progressive harmonics, like evidenced in “New Divine Shadow” and “Conception”. In other moments, particularly on the excellent instrumentals, “Sokenra” and “Love Grows Cold”, Confront Hate reveals a penchant for epic and sinister ambiences akin to someone like Tool or Nine Inch Nails.
It’s clear that these guys are determined to create ambitious, potent and accomplished tunes, and although they still have to refine some details, perhaps eschew some of the tepid chugga-chugga riffing that hinders the impact of some of these songs, “Diabolical Disguise of Madness” is most certainly a memorable and crushing debut. (7/10)

David Alexandre
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