Elimination - The Blood of Titans

Old-school proto-thrash metal is what UK’s Elimination offer on “The Blood of Titans”, the band’s first full-length release since forming in 2007.
In a way, “The Blood of Titans” sees Elimination mining the same ground as fellow countrymen Evile and Pitiful Reign, concocting a hard-hitting and head-banging thrash attack that pays homage to 80’s thrash heroes like Metallica, Anthrax, Exodus and Testament. Unfortunately, although Elimination’s debut is a worthy and solid work, there’s still not enough testosterone on display for it to place them on the same level as their comrades Evile. There are moments on “Blood of Titans” where Elimination live up to their name, delivering breakneck tempos, tons of great, pummelling riffs and some skilful, memorable soloing as in “Function of the Human Condition”, “Eyes Of Madness” (great NWOBHM solo!) and “Claustrophobia”, but for the most part the Brits are merely rehashing some overused and naff thrash riffs that any springing band could’ve easily crafted during their very first rehearsals. That’s a recurring problem for most of these new thrash metal revivalists.
Still, Elimination have created an album that is no joke, and offers some prime and old school metallic moments that will surely keep 80’s thrash metal aficionados entertained, which for a debut recording is not bad at all. (6/10)

David Alexandre