Entrails | Interview with Jimmy Lundqvist

Evoking the dirty, pestilent atmosphere of early Dismember and Entombed, Sweden’s Entrails are old-school death metal way down to the bone, but they cannot be seen as another bunch of new kids trying to emulate the crusty and infectious sounds of old-school Swedish death-metal as Entrails’ origins go way back to the early nineties.
The band has just released their crushing sophomore album, “The Tombs Awaits”, and we caught up with guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist to discuss this new record, and why has taken Entrails almost two decades to put forth their debut record.


It took almost 19 years for Swedish death metallers Entrails to put forth their debut album, yet only a year has passed since the release of “Tales from the Morgue” and the band already issued their sophomore record entitled “The Tomb Awaits”. Does this mean you’re determined to recover some the lost ground?

“Yeah, it was a long time for the debut to come out but things finally worked out turned and it feels great to finally have something released… so to your question I would say yeah, sort of…”

I understand that most of the material featured in “Tales from the Morgue” had been lying around for years, waiting to be recorded. What about this new record, is it all recent stuff or you had been digging through your old archives one again?

“That's right! The material was made in the 90´s on ‘Tales’ and like 80% of ‘The Tomb Awaits’ is from that time as well. Since we became a complete band for this album we also wanted to do something new, but still do it in the old way. And it worked out real good so I am not afraid to let them help on every song, plus there is more stuff in my tape collections that could fit in some songs in future releases.”

How does “The Tomb Awaits” compare to Entrails' previous release? I noticed that some of the guitar soloing is a bit more melodic, do you agree?

“To us it feels a lot darker and better done in everything so to speak. The solos are in my opinion not that much more melodic and to me it’s almost the same as “Tales”.

You have a new line up for this album. How did that change the writing and recording process?

“Nothing special, but there are more brains now and then I think the songs are a bit more aggressive this time. When I write the songs I can end up doing too long parts before some changes, but now we are working as a team and the songs got a new dimension now.”

Just like “Tales from the Morgue” the new record was mixed and mastered by Dan Swano, who’s an interesting fellow. He’s capable of some mellowest and wimpiest shit, yet he always revealed a penchant for brutal and old-school death metal. Are you pleased with his work and the final outcome?

“Totally! He's the man for our sound. He knows exactly what we want and he brings it to us. Well invested money.”

How do you view the current metal scene when compared to when you first started, in the early nineties? There is no tape-trading but there’s a looot of file-sharing and that makes it difficult to sell records right?

“Today it is almost computer for everything, good or bad. Well, without it I think Entrails wouldn't exist today and would have been dead and buried from that day I closed it down.
Back then, we didn't have this contact with this tape world since we lived to far outside where it all happened. But still today there are people living for tapes, and that's really cool. Same is for the vinyl.
File-sharing is a thing that have become so brutally big now so it's a yeah to your question about selling records. I won't stop making music because of those stupid mongoloids wants to spoil the bands by illegally uploading the bands music."

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Keep supporting the underground DM by buying our stuff.”

David Alexandre

More info at: www.myspace.com/entrailsreborn