Entrails - The Tomb Awaits

If you know Entrails fantastic “Tales from the Morgue” debut issued last year and the old-school Swedish death-metal they play, then you know exactly what you're getting with the new album “The Tomb Awaits”.
Still evoking the dirty, pestilent atmosphere of early Dismember and Entombed, “The Tombs Awaits” is a crushing slab of guttural and vicious death-metal with a dash of groove and melody thrown in to balance out all the chaotic madness.
First proper track “Unleashed Wrath” sets the tone of the record with crushing, dirty and chainsaw guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and Jocke Svensson's deep death growls. The buzz saw riffs sound straight out of “Left Hand Path”, yet I’d say it’s amazing to hear this classic sound harkening back to a time when recreating the fetid stench and brutality of death were way more important than shredding like some Guitar World fanatic or mosh-pit breakdowns. Sure, it’s nothing overly unique, but when you’re getting strong tunes akin to any of your favourite death albums, it really doesn’t matter.
The production value and musicianship are not to be ignored, this is far from sloppy underground old-school death metal as the Swedes deliver their brutal onslaughts with amazing precision and intent.
“The Tombs Awaits” is definitely a must-listen for fans of classic Swedish death-metal in the vein of Dismember, Entombed and Grave. (7.4/10)

David Alexandre

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