Iced Earth - Dystopia

Iced Earth is known for writing some epic music, and this album does not disappoint in that respect. With new vocalist Stu Block (From Into Eternity fame) on board replacing former vocalist Matt Barlow, the pressure was on.
Featuring songs such as the full on thrash attack of the opener and title track Dystopia, the beautiful ballad that is The End of Innocence and the power metal vibe of V, this is an album that showcases everything that Iced Earth was known for, and puts a new twist on it.
Vocalist Stu has stepped into the admittedly large shoes that were left behind when Matt left and he fills them perfectly, with a huge vocal range creating multiple dynamics throughout the songs, going from really clean, to growls, to a Rob Halford esque shriek that fits the music perfectly.
Iced Earth has never been shy about releasing concept albums and that doesn’t stop here, with another brilliantly constructed album about a Dystopian future. The music brings this concept to life, with songs such as Boiling point and Tragedy and Triumph giving the concept life.
This is an album that stands proud and tall next to Iced Earth’s extensive back catalogue and ushers in the new era of Stu Block. This is a must buy for all Iced Earth fans and it could quite easily pick up many new fans as well. (10/10)

James Merrett

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