Insomnium – One for Sorrow

There are very few albums that can be classified as both beautifully melodic and gut crushingly heavy. One for Sorrow is one of these albums and it is absolutely brilliant.
The melodies are constant and flowing against the backdrop of heavy metal which creates a beautiful atmospheric sound which can lift you up and carry you away. When the heaviness kicks back in it brings you back to earth with a jolt into some bone crushing riffs which are fast flowing and make you just want to jump into the pit.
There is a mix of melodic death metal, thrash metal and operatic classical music in this album which is melded together to create a sonic soundscape for the listener. Every track on this album is absolutely brilliant and everything feels new and relevant to today’s music scene. There is definitely something for everyone in this album.
There are some dark lyrics and it feels like Niilo Sevanen is baring some open and festering wounds on this album, with lyrics such as “And I feel tired, empty and hollow, heart-broken inside/
And I feel this life has nothing for me anymore” from "Through the Shadows" showing that there isn’t any happiness on this record.
Songs such as "Through the Shadows" and "Every Hour Wounds" will leave the listener in no doubt that Insomnium have returned once again with a brilliant album and it won’t let the fans down. (10/10)

James Merrett

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