The Ripe Harvest Vol. 2


With only one year of existence, Finland’s Human Sculpture already shows a strong level of maturity in songwriting and execution on their first effort “Our World Torn Down”.
Influenced by groups like The Black Dahlia Murder, At the Gates and Decapitated, the Finn’s sound can be enclosed in this new wave of bands that mix of death-metal brutality and technicality with heavy metal harmonies, along with some pummelling breakdowns. Yet not once they sound like a cheap and mundane imitation of these other acts, Human Sculpture grind along with total command of their craft, without having the need to resort to the same shameless plagiarism that affects a good percentage of similar acts. Although they don’t offer anything new on these three themes, Human Sculpture’s synthesis of technical breakdowns, furious riffs, staggering harmonies and throaty growls really kicks some serious ass and is reason enough for us to keep an eye on this promising and talented act. Check them out at:


If Converge and Mastodon had a bastard love child, EAK would definitely be that ugly and wicked creature. Brilliantly savage and scandalous vile, the band’s first full-length release “MuzEAk” is the perfect amalgam of Converge’s nihilistic and crusty riffs, Mastodon’s wickedly jagged rhythms and whole piss and vinegar attitude of their early records. “MuzEAK” is truly a pulverising experience, it’s filthy, it’s ragged and absolutely vile and when it’s over you feel the need to take a bath in clean and warm water. Get dirty at: 


Portugal’s We Are Killing Ourselves are back with The Road of Awareness, their second album and follow-up to their acclaimed debut “Deconstructive Essence”. One of the best things about The Road of Awareness is the band's fusion of Meshuggah technical and mind-shattering rhythms with the pounding groove of someone like Lamb of God.
“Extispicium” smacks heavily of that Meshuggah's influence crossed with Lamb of God’s pummelling attitude, with intricate chord progressions, machinegun-like kick drums and a groovy and infectious chorus.
The band has definitely written a monster record that will surely break a bone or two wherever it spins. Get bruised at:

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