Untimely Demise - City of Steel

After it’s slow and stagnant death in the late 90’s and early 00’s Thrash music is having a large revival across the board, and I fear that it’s going the same way it did before it died last time. The scene is becoming oversaturated with bands that have leapt onto the bandwagon, had a hit album or two, and then fallen off the radar completely. Untimely Demise seems like it will be one of these bands.
They have tried to inject some different elements into the music, but it just sounds like Kreator and Sodom done badly. There is a bit of melody played throughout, but it doesn’t give the music much of a boost. I expected something much better when it’s been produced by Ex-Megadeth and king Diamond guitarist Glen Drover.
With song titles such as Virtue in Death and Bloodsoaked Mission, it feels like they’ve gotten a thrash by numbers book on writing lyrics and music, there is nothing new and nothing original here.
There are some redeeming points however, the music does get better as the album progresses, but still sounds all slightly disjointed, and the melody I mentioned before puts the band apart slightly from the rest of the pack.
I was extremely disappointed with this album, as even with its few redeeming points, the music feels like recycled riffs from bands that did this much better at the forefront f the thrash scene back in the 80’s. This is definitely an album I would not recommend. (4/10)

James Merrett

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