White Wizzard - Flying Tigers

Line-up shifts seem to be an issue for LA's White Wizzard, namely due to the constant changes with their vocalist. Yet while lead singer Wyatt "Screaming Demon" Anderson is gone, his legacy is well marked on the band's second album 'Flying Tigers' where he and his cohorts come into their own.
In opting for higher notes in the vein of hard rock 'n' roll this time, Anderson offers a stronger performance, as his voice hits raw ends with each verse. It also makes White Wizzard's sound all the more human, in the sense that his method this time around gives more emotional leeway to be heard and felt by the audience. Music is powerful at its most empathetic, and coupled with the tightened strings on the songwriting, Anderson's vocals prove this point repeatedly without ceasing to be enjoyable.
In turn, White Wizzard's worship of heavy metal's icons, typically Judas Priest and Ronnie James Dio, is given a greater boost on the grounds of the band's entire performance - whereas the seeds were there on previous album 'Over The Top', 'Flying Tigers' watches them bloom into a band that could well become a name worthy of stepping up to being a part of the genre's history. (8/10)

Ann Sulaiman

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