Eisregen - Rostrot

Eisregen are German, sing in German and most likely will only appeal to a German audience. Who else would tolerate a somewhat cheesy, melodic and atmospheric black-metal record peppered with some industrial-sounding elements that can be best described as Dimmu Borgir-meets-Ramstein?
There’s nothing really astounding, or even engaging about “Rostrot”, the record overflows with atmospheric keyboards, stale melodies and some theatrical passages that sound rather daffy. The album starts with “Erlösung”, a spooky piano-driven theme accompanied by the spoken works of Mr. Roth, he who is responsible for all vocalisations, then sways into some bland and symphonic black metal with “Schakal: Ode an die Streubombe”, while the goth-industrial elements offered on “Madenreich” reminds me of German’s biggest exports behind Volkswagens, Ramstein.
If you're into this kind of thing, then you will find this to be palatable and sweet as Swiss chocolate. Well if you’re into this, most likely you eat sausages for breakfast, drink Kölsch beer and never miss a Die Mannschaft game. (4.8/10)

David Alexandre

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  1. Guess you don't care for Germany or Germans. The tone of this review is pretty hostile. I haven't heard this but judging from your words, it's better than you describe and you are just a lousy reviewer.