Burn Everything - Last Run Through the Ruins

How can I sum up a band that sounds like everything from Drowningman to Fuck the Facts all at once? This could be post-hardcore. This could be tech-grind. Whatever it is, Burn Everything rolls through bewildering mathematical permutations on the most aggressive side of hardcore just as easily as they unfurl some relentless grindcore attack that decimates all in its path.
On the “Last Run through the Ruins”, the Rochester, NY based five-piece displays an impressive amount of proficiency and viciousness as they fuse elements of hardcore, mathcore, grind and metal altogether, delivering an abrasive and technical sonic mayhem that will surely enthral fans of acts like Botch, Deadguy, Dillinger Escape Plan, Psyopus and Ed Gein.
This is probably too bloody extreme for most, so approach with caution, and a nice pair of earplugs. (7.4/10)

Byrant Thomas


  1. Thanks very much for the review!

    We wanted to let readers know our music is available for free at our page, please download and enjoy!


    Burn Everything

  2. Sorry for that mistake, it’s fixed now.