Terrorizer – Hordes of Zombies

Purveyors of ass-kicking grind, Terrorizer are back with their third album (second since reuniting in 2005) and fans can expect more relentless and ultra-guttural grind. “Hordes of Zombies” shows little variation in the band’s proven formula, the band has retained their maniac and frantic edge that revolutionized the grind scene back in 1989 with their classic debut “World Downfall” and I guess we wouldn’t want it in any other way.
With drummer extraordinaire Pete Sandoval at the helm and Anthony Rezhawk of Resistant Culture once again providing indecipherable and inhuman roars, Terrorizer are now joined by Morbid Angel’s David Vincent on bass and Katina Culture also from Resistant Culture replacing the late Jesse Pintado, who died in 2006 following the release of their second album “Darker Days Ahead”.
The task of replacing Pintado is unbelievably arduous, but the Resistant Culture’s guitarist proves that is up to it by providing some viciously brutal and ripping riffs that do justice to the legacy started with the late guitarist years ago.
Rezhawk’s guttural bellows are as brutally strong as ever, and the drumming of Sandoval is still absurdly fast, which is absolutely surprising for someone who had just recovered from a back surgery. Yet unfortunately, underground legend Dan Swanö manages to ruin the bass drums to the point where they sound completely sterile, like a typewriter or similar.
Aside from that minor grip, “Hordes of Zombies” still is top-notch material, and certainly deserves a place on any grindcore fan’s record collection. (7.6)

Byrant Thomas


  1. For someone who couldn’t play on “Illud Divinum Insanus” because of back injuries, Sandoval sounds killer here.

  2. You’re totally misinformed.
    Sandoval actually recorded this album prior to back surgery.