Vildhjarta - Maastaden

Djent maestro’s Vildhjarta have pulled it out of the bag again with their latest offering “Masstaden”, with their music uttering bowel-moving lows and riffs which are complemented by some discordant beautiful melodies which prove to show both a light and dark side to the band.
The riffs are brutally hard and the melodies are haunting, this is exactly the remedy the already over saturated genre of djent needed. Their mix of harsh brutality and melody brings a breath of fresh air to the listener and whilst it pummels them from one side, it gently soothes the wounds on the other.
“Nojja” is a perfect example of the melody side with a hauntingly dark section which then goes into some blistering full on metal which will break your eardrums if listened to too loudly.
“Eternal Golden Monk” is another example of beautiful meets deadly with a brutal opening and then going into a beautiful melodic section.
The only thing I could ask for from these would be to have some more clean vocals in over the melodic parts as it starts to sound a bit formulated only having vocals over the heavy and nothing over the melodic.
Overall this is a brilliant album and one of the best of its genre. Nearly flawless. (9/10)

James Merrett

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