Abigail Williams - Becoming

If 2010’s effort “In the Absence of Light” saw Abigail Williams straying from their symphonic black metal roots towards a rawer, fiercer and some might say purer take on black metal, with this new album, there are signs that they’re still struggling to find their own identity, now introducing some post-rock, lo-fi and shoegaze elements into their sound.
Fortunately, it seems like that with this new approach in style, Abigail Williams are finally striking a chord with the listeners, favouring substance and depth over those rather dubious clich├ęs that have prevented the band from being taken seriously in the past.
Opener ‘Ascension Sickness’ certainly starts things off in the right direction, unveiling a rather gloomy and intriguing atmosphere complemented with some intriguing and captivating guitar harmonies that owe a great deal to the works of Agalloch and Wolves In The Throne Room. What follows is collection of well-crafted, diverse songs that straddle between despondent, contemplative ambiences to rabid, vicious blasts of sonic malevolence.
“Becoming” is not an entirely engaging and utterly rewarding experience, some tunes do drag a bit, but has its moments of wonder that are definitely worth checking out. (7.4/10)

David Alexandre