Adrenaline Mob – Omertá

As one would have expected with the trio of musicians behind it the debut album from Adrenaline Mob is a formidable animal, a release that prowls and paces up and down the ear with a confident assuredness and a mischievous cockiness. “Omertá” is a vibrant and accomplished collection of songs which without offering anything particularly new or managing to stretch inventiveness, emerges as a rather infectious pleasure that one is eager to engage with even if wishing it had more.
The linking up of Symphony X singer Russell Allen and supreme guitarist Mike Orlando known for his “Sonic Stomp” releases set the seed for the band and with the coming in of drum master Mike Portnoy (ex -Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold) Adrenaline Mob found a defined heartbeat to add to its breath.
A self-titled EP of 2011 fired up increased anticipation and emotions which “Omertá” will easily fan to greater heights for all hard rock enthusiasts.
“Omertá” is a diverse creature pulsating with stunning guitar play and solos. With rhythms and beats that grab the scruff of the neck and everything powered by metal edged riffs that manipulate and intimidate, the release is like an old friend and despite its lack of originality it is impossible to avoid being swept up in its eager muscular arms.
The album explodes into action with the best track on show “Undaunted”. Threatening riffs and a groove that twists and plays the senses like harp strings are thrust forward on a grumbling bass as intense as the aggression and fight within the song itself. Defiant and glorious it really sets a high mark for the album. Sadly apart from the likes of “Believe Me” with riffs and a grind as intrusive as a drill and the rampaging bruiser “Down To The Floor” the band shift from a metal veined attack to a hard rock one losing much of the intensity. The quality is there and undeniable but the thumping greatness of “Psychosane” and the melodic prowess of “Indifferent” do not hold the same demanding grasp on the ear.
“Omertá” is a great album which will have rock fans crowing over songs like Duran Duran cover “Come Undone” featuring Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale and power ballad “Angel Sky”. The musicianship is immense but after what could have been shown by the opener there is a feeling of disappointment in what is a very fine album. (8/10)

Pete RingMaster