Anguish - Through the Archdemons Head

Sweden’s contribution to the doom metal scene is immeasurable, not only the forebears Candlemass had practically defined the style with their classic “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” album, bands like Count Raven, Memory Garden and Grand Magus among others have all helped to shape this style of music so miserable and singular.
Coming from Uppsala, Anguish are another fine contribution to style and their sorrowful, slow-dragging and downright miserable debut album “Through the Archdemons Head” would make forefathers Candlemass extremely proud of their legacy.
Those efficient Swedes really know how to do drag listeners into the gutter by bringing out wretched riffs and poignant melodies and combine them with some truly anguished and raw vocalizations. Vocalist J. Dee doesn’t wail or sing like Messiah Marcolin, instead he delivers some morbid grunts that sounds like a cross between Tom G. Warrior and Quorthon.
This is not a groundbreaking record, doom is not about innovation after all and sometimes there’s a tendency to feel like you’ve travelled back in time, but given the sheer class of their sound, it’s certainly the kind of voyage you’ll want to repeat more than once. (7.8/10)

Alex Grimm