Aura Noir – Out to Die

“Ugliest trio in the world is back!” Says the press release and I definitely agree with that ‘cause when it comes to old-school and Neanderthal thrash metal no one beats Norway’s Aura Noir. The guys have been proudly dedicated to old school music and ideals for more than twelve years now and they’ve never been know for subtlety so it’s no surprise that their new album “Out to Die” could be succinctly described as bad-ass, old-school thrash metal record.
Fans of the style will definitely eat this up with the same hunger as zombies have for fresh meat, it’s full of frenzied, ruthless and hyper-aggressive moments the we have all come to expect from these Norwegian metallers.
The album hits full speed immediately with “Trenches”, Aggressor and Blasphemer churn out savage riffs and solos with rabid intensity, while Apollyon bashes the drums like an enraged beast and delivers some bone-chilling grunts. If you're a speed addict, you’ll also appreciate the following two themes “Fed to the Flames” and “Abbadon”, the Norse trio only pulls back on the fourth track “The Grin From The Gallows”, which boasts a more mid-paced and memorable riffage.
“Out to Die” moves at such a brisk pace that when the eight tracks are over and done with, you’ll need time to recover your senses before hitting the play button again. These guys have yet to let us down, that said this new record is another crushing addition to their long and celebrated career. (8/10)

Byrant Thomas