El Caco - Hatred, Love & Diagrams

In recent years, Norway has proven that is more than just the most reliable source for pure and hard black metal bands, offering some truly exciting and innovative musical projects like Shining and Kvelertak just to name a few.
Add El Caco to the list, a Lillestrøm-based act that harness a strong collection of enthralling and disparate influences to craft a captivating and dark sound that will certainly appeal to fans of Tool, Kyuss, Therapy? and even Filter.
The trio comprised by Øyvind Osa (Vocals / Bass), Anders Gjesti (Guitars) and Fredrik Wallumrød (Drums) aren’t exactly newcomers, "Hatred, Love & Diagrams" is already their sixth album, and although their previous works slipped under my radar I do remember reading their name associated with stoner-rock.
If that’s true I guess this new record marks a turning point for the Norwegians, as these ten new songs see the trio expanding their musical palette, fusing the progressive intricacies of Tool with some Kyuss-influenced grooves and highly contagious melodies.
The moments that grab you are many, opener “After I’m Gone” engulfs the listener in a massive wave of groove and dark, progressive undertones that sound like they could've come from the creative and twisted minds of Tool. “Autopsy” has the potential to become a tremendous radio hit offering one of those infectious refrain that you just can’t resist singing along.
This is an accomplished and impressive album that needs to be heard, en masse. (8/10)

Luca Niero

Band info: www.elcaco.com


  1. The best i've heard since Honningbarna in Norwegian music, i can see this album being played regularily in my house for years to come!

  2. Why this band managed to remain confined to Norwegian borders for so long is actually a mystery.