3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal

On their previous releases, Canada’s 3 Inches of Blood always walk a fine line between goofy, over-the-top heavy-metal and an infectious blend of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden that tries to pass out the impression they’ve learned all the traits of genuine heavy metal made before them.
With songs like “Metal Woman”, “Leather Lord” and their ridiculously choice for album title, I guess 3 Inches of Blood aren’t the least bit concerned with what their detractors think of them as long as they keep doing what they love to do, and that’s traditional heavy metal.
Yes, it’s still goofy and excessive at times, but damn there’s an element of creativity that makes you think ‘Wait, this is really good after all, it’s catchy-as-fuck and I can’t stop head-banging to their intoxicating choruses and enthralling guitar duelling.’
“Long Live Heavy Metal” features all the trademarks that 3 Inches of Blood have become renowned and infamous for, the unmistakable vocals of Cam Pipes, the sharp guitar shredding, the neck-hair tugging melodies, etc… Essentially, it’s the sound of dauntless heavy metal musicians having a blast at playing tunes inspired in their metal heroes and, in the overall, succeeding. It’s by no means the most groundbreaking or inspired records you’ll hear this year, but in the end it’s a very worthy listen. (7/10)

David Alexandre