Aborted – Global Flatline

Following a lacklustre release “Strychnine.213” released in 2008 (by their own admission, I though it was pretty good) Belgium’s Aborted are back with new album and a revamped line-up, something that shouldn’t surprise us anymore as their career was always agitated with departures and entrances.
Headmaster and sole original member left Sven De Caluwe pulls together another new line up for the band, and emerges on top with an updated and revitalized sound that doesn’t deviate too far from the their standard death/grind rumble.
Though it’s not as visceral as their “Engineering the Dead” and “The Purity of Perversion” efforts, “Global Flatline” is still relentlessly fierce and hard-hitting, delivering 13 frenetic and raucous tracks that are bound to keep listener’s ears throbbing. Whereas their initial works were crafted with a clear intent to dismember arms and legs from torsos and spread them around the living room, Dead Alive style, the new songs show a more modern sound and a newfound circle-pit brutality that will surely gain them some new fans.
Clocking at nearly 44 minutes, “Global Flatline” is full of blood-gushing blast beats, frenetic and brutal riffs and some rhythms grooves that will work extremely well on a live environment. It’s still nasty and brutal, but in a Saw kind of way. (7.2/10)

David Alexandre