Dawn of Disease - Crypts of the Unrotten

Described as Swedish death metal, “Crypts of the Unrotten" the second effort from Germany’s Dawn of Disease emanates a brutal yet melodic feeling that reminds me more of U.S. acts like Brutality and Monstrosity than At the Gates or Unleashed. Like those great bands, this five-piece play a guttural, brutally intense death metal yet with plenty of guitar harmonies and groove. It’s fast, in your face and occasionally melodic, yet it’s not overly technical like the aforementioned acts.
I’d say Dawn of Disease are better described as a blend of Monstrosity’s “Spiritual Apocalypse” with one of Edge Of Sanity’s earlier outputs like “Infernal”. The guys can write some damn catchy tunes, sure to incite pits the world over, but the only real problem is that some songs sound a bit generic and repetitive, and tend to bore following a couple of listens.
“Crypts of the Unrotten” is a solid, strong death metal release nonetheless, it’s just a few notches down from more accomplished efforts of acts like Spawn of Possession and Disbelief. (6.8/10)

Luca Niero

Label info: www.noiseart.cc