Fisthammer – Devour All You See

Upon first listen, one can immediately sense that Fisthammer possess the same knack for killer hooks and enthralling melodies that makes bands like Amon Amarth and Behemoth such great musical experiences. On their debut effort, the Philadelphia quartet lay down 11 perfectly memorable, brutal and technically proficient death metal tunes, combining heavy, crushing riffs with catchy harmonics and melody. I know we’ve already seen a myriad of death metal bands incorporating memorable melodies into their music, but these guys really nailed it.
They can glide from hard-hitting, brutal riffs to epic, memorable melodies without ever sounding forced or without ever watering down the furious impact of their death metal attack. A song like “Kull the Conqueror” charges with a relentless slash and burn assault before segueing into an epic gallop that reminds us of Amon Amarth war-like moments, while the equally melodic and hard-hitting “Doom of the Gods” is also a memorable track exploring the same epic, grandiose death-metal route paved by the Swedes.
They're not jaw-dropping just yet, but they are worthy of a serious listen and given that it’s their debut effort I’m positive that Amon Amarth will have some serious competition pretty soon. (7.2/10)

Byrant Thomas