Hellsaw - Trist

One thing about Black Metal is that when it's done right it can be an absolutely engrossing experience, drawing you hypnotically into its sounds and rhythms, especially when it gets the cold, evil atmosphere right. Hellsaw gets it right. In fact it gets it beyond fucking right, right from the beginning with "The Devil is Calling My Name," a song which sent chills down my spine and pulled me in to a cold dark place.
The rest of the album is just as good as the beginning-the songs while not particularly "hooky" are definitely engrossing and compelling. It's hard to explain exactly how this band draws you into its cold dark grip, but grip it does, mesmerize in fact. There is no particular highlight on this album as it seems to flow as a cohesive whole from one song to the next.
Get "Trist and be prepared to be absolutely spellbound by some of the best Black Metal you will hear all year. (9/10)


Band info: www.hellsaw.com