Love Sex Machine – Love Sex Machine

Don’t be fooled by the sweet name of Love Sex Machine for this French group offers nothing but filthy and caustic sludge without a single ounce of love or benevolence.
From the abrasive opener “Anal on Deceased Virgin” (they’re not subtle on the lyrical department either) to the asphyxiating final “Warstrike Takes the Piss” this is venomous, corrosive stuff, just as dangerous as shoving some rusty, degraded nails down your throat.
Everything sounds hopelessness and creepy, the distorted, low-end riffs, the earth-tremulous rhythms, and the shuddering, unholy screams. It’s like EyeHateGod or Iron Monkey spitting out words about porn and sadomasochism.
It does take time to fully appreciate the vile, abrasive sounds of Love Sex Machine, but when you do, you’ll feel like you’ve been left to root in the most disgusting sewer you could ever imagine. It certainly doesn’t look peachy. (7.5/10)

David Alexandre