The Man-Eating Tree - Harvest

It is interesting to listen to The Man-Eating Tree, as despite their label as a metal band there is really much little related here to metal music than there is to contemporary, progressive rock. One telltale sign comes from singer Tuomas Tuominen's consistently warbled tone, which with its nasal pitch and faux-American Southern accent sounds more fitting for loose and experimental guitar layers than tight, metal riffs. It's as if The Man-Eating Tree are unwittingly fashioning themselves in the footsteps of experimental hard rockers Tool
, which would be a bad thing if the music wasn't already pushing enough to fit into a much different genre space.
Overall this is a decent second effort from a young band that knows what it wants, yet at the same time time will tell where they've found their place between their influences and the scene they are in. (6/10)

Ann Sulaiman