Oddland – The Treachery Of Senses

“The Treachery Of Senses” the debut album from Finnish band Oddland, is a wonderfully unusual beast, a creative journey which encompasses the dark and its lingering shadows alongside light’s melodic warmth, the union an enthralling experience. Inventive and mesmeric the progressive metal quartet’s release is startling and thoroughly captivating. Though it is an album which draws one in deeply it does at times seemingly try too hard, the album swinging from full engagement to a progressive similarity which allows attention to waver. Despite that “The Treachery Of Senses” is never less than intriguing and overall deeply satisfying.
Formed in 2002, Oddland has moved from their earlier grunge flavoured sound into a harder metal driven attack shaped by a firmer aggression and masterful melodic innovation. The album released via Century Media Records reveals a band with original ideas and intent to offer something distinctly different. Through this they have composed a fresh and vibrant collection of songs which give a muscular bite at the same time as igniting the heart with exhilarating melodies and imagination. Their previous demos firmly placed Oddland at the centre of a growing attention but the album is destined to launch them onto a much loftier plateau with music to fire up every corner of the senses and emotions. With essences from the like of Poets Of The Fall, Tool, and Opeth, the album and sound is undeniably impressive.
Opening song “Above And Beyond” openly tells you want the band is all about. Confidently walking through the ear with bulky riffs and rhythms, the incisive guitars of guitarists Sakari Ojanen and Jussi Poikonen scythe through the intensity with sharp melodies which wind themselves tightly around the engrossed senses. Behind them the riffs of bassist Joni Palmroth plunder with belligerence whilst the rhythms of Ville Viitanen continually intimidate, and once completed by the excellent passion filled vocals of Ojanen, the song and album alike are a stirring experience.
Continually stirring the album with songs like the deeply impressive “In The Eyes of The Mourning” combining a stern attack with melancholic invention, and the stunning and shadowed “Sewers” with its turbulent riffs, formidable power and dark emotive beauty, ensure the album equally bruises and caresses. “The Treachery Of Senses” does lack a certain spark to set it out as a classic but there is an originality and inspirational drive to it that ensures its exploration is an essential investigation for all. (8.5/10)

Pete RingMaster