Old Head – Maximum Rock

Old Head are essentially the Total Fucking Destruction crew with one MegaDan Tumulo on vocals, yet instead of unleashing frantic bursts of grind madness these old heads do things rather differently, focusing on a engaging blend of thrash/speed metal with some classic rock from the 70’s that slays as much as it rocks.
Their debut release, “Maximum Rock” borrows heavily from the earlier endeavours of Hirax and Cryptic Slaughter and adds pinches of hard-rock ala Quiet Riot and UFO into the mix.
It’s a powerful combination of influences that will certainly give old heads like me hernias at 10 different places, not to mention some serious neck ache.
Opening track “Bleeder” is a banger, churning out some fast-paced rhythms and explosive riffs that will surely piss off your neighbour if you play it at maximum volume, while songs like “Fat Man” and “Almost Cut My Hair” are pure rock thunders, offering plenty of intoxicating and classic riffs.
Old Head don't reinvent the wheel, they pay homage to the classic rock and thrash greats of old, but they play with such a genuine conviction and don’t give a fuck attitude that it’s almost impossible not to like them. (7.7/10)

Luca Niero