Forefather - Last of the Line

Released in December last year by the British label Seven Kingdoms, Forefather’s sixth full-length work “Last of the Line” now sees an exclusive release for the US through the hyperactive Metalhit. It would be a shame if this one escaped notice and fell through the cracks ‘cause this is a finely crafted effort that deserves a handful of spins.
The press release describes Forefather’s sound as pagan/folk metal and as it turns out “Last of the Line” is clearly rooted in epic pagan metal and incorporates some folk touches that add a feeling of grandness to these songs.
Most of the tracks are structured around a traditional framework, with plenty of mid-tempo, chunky riffs, triumphant gallops and memorable melodies that’ll stick in your head for weeks. The whole approach reminds me of a folkier Amon Amarth, the riffs boast a similar powerful, epic vibe that is nothing short of awe inspiring. The similarities between the two bands are heard most pointedly on songs like “Chorus of Steel” and “Shadows of the Dead”, both moving from a mid-tempo crunch to a powerful gallop.
One of the albums greater achievements is the constant variation in tempo and moods without ever sounding incoherent, even fiercer and faster songs like “Spears of Faith” manage to retain that epic, grand feel that characterizes the whole album.
Here is to hoping that “Last of the Line” gets the attention it deserves as this is a truly great and solid effort. (8/10) 

Luca Niero 

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