Hung - Hung

Here's an album that's probably going to be on every "Best of" list when everything is said and done in 2012. For those of you who don't know, Hung is a strange hybrid band featuring Lyris Hung, a classically trained violinist. If you think that sounds just wrong for a metal band, actually listen to the album and you will hardly believe that nobody has made the violin as a main feature of metal before.Of course violins have been in metal before, but not like this where it now becomes essential to the music.
Now, how about the music then? What makes this album special are the songs themselves which are both beautiful, haunting and heavy at the same time. The music is a combo of death, black and progressive with growls, rasps and clean singing all melding together in the songs.(t truly has to be heard to be believed. Highlights of the album include the songs "Desert", "Maria" and left for the new life.
If you are at all into bands like Opeth or Barren Earth or even more experimental metal bands, you must, must pick up Hung's album as you will be in for a real treat. (9.5/10)