Moonloop - Deeply from the Earth

Seemingly out of nowhere, this unknown Spanish act comes along and delivers a treasure of an album with “Deeply from the Earth”.
The press sheet describes Moonloop’s sound as a blend of Opeth at their early days with Gojira and there’s certainly a great deal of influences on offer that reminds us of these two names as this album delves into a musical space that falls somewhere between the progressive-flavoured sounds of Opeth and the massive energy of Gojira.
This is no more apparent than in “Beginning of the End, a theme that combines some enthralling Opeth-style harmonies with the punishing aggression of Gojira’s riffs to surprisingly great effect, and the amazing “Fading Faces”, which oscillates between the blindingly brutal and the stunningly melodic with incredible ease. The rest of the album is equally impressive as the songs are executed with more class and conviction than a lot of other young acts attempting this sort of sound. Like for instance “Stormbus”, where beautifully crafted melodies and soothing clean vocals perfectly complement the technical-yet crushing nature of their death-metal riffing.
It is not very often that a band as talented as Moonloop comes along, and although “Deeply from the Earth” doesn’t break any new musical ground there aren't many albums that I would recommend more highly than this stunning full-length debut. (8.5/10)

Luca Niero

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