Nexhymn - Black Horizon

According to Nexhymn's bio the band's name is derived from a combination of the Latin word Nex, defined as death, violent nature and slaughter, and the word Hymn which is a simple song of praise. The name fits as Nexyhmn are an old-school brutal death metal band a la Benediction, hailing from Colorado. Oh yeah, they're also fronted by a female named Holly Wedel who can growl with the best of them. “Black Horizon” is probably going to get a lot of notice and attention because of the fact that a woman is the face of the band; this is fine as the band deserves all the attention it can get.
"Black Horizon" is some truly solid death metal. The second that album opener "Decaying Monument" blasts out of the speakers, you know you are in for some absolutely intense death metal. One of the things about the album that I like is that it just does not let up-there are no melodic parts and no breaks to catch one's breath. The album just crushes on with riff after riff of heavy death metal.
Well I can't say that this is incredibly original, I can say that Nexhymn does play some damn good death metal which will satisfy all but the most misogynistic of death metal fans. (7.5/10)