Ribozyme – Presenting The Problem

Presenting The Problem from Norwegian rock/metal band RIBOZYME is what all releases should be like, unpredictable, thoughtfully crafted, bursting with ideas and imagination, and most of all unreservedly infectious. The fifth album from the band and the first released through Indie Recordings, the release is a marvellous delicious weave of captivating melodies, mesmeric harmonies and a thoroughly engaging blend of rock and metal. The term of crossover is used a lot but it certainly applies to the deeply diverse and wide spreading sounds of RIBOZYME. 
The trio from Bergen of Kjartan Ericsson (guitars and vocals), Bård Bøge (bass and vocals), and Cato Olaisen (drums), have not only created an album that feasts on often recognisable influences and sounds without making something that is indistinct or unoriginal, they have produced an album that evolves within the ear from its vibrant beginning through to its last stirring track. The album starts out as one thing and as it lies down its immense and addictive soundscapes emerges as something else by its end to perform a remarkable and deeply pleasing ingenious conjuration. 
The album opens with the insatiable and energetic title track to be followed by ‘Lending A Fever’. With big addictive hooks and hypnotic melodies that easily grab attention with sirenesque grandeur both songs offer a rock punk energy from the likes of Foo Fighters, Sick Puppies and The Urgency. Both songs are easily and greedily digestible and immediate in their charming of one’s resistance to join in. 
Next in the evolution the album offers up its best track in ‘Leverage’. Still retaining the urgent hungry drive and attack the song brings in a wonderful distressed sax alongside flexing muscular riffs that suggest lighter moments from Five Star Prison Cell or Dog Fashion Disco. It is sheer quality and just the start of the continuing diversity and emerging shift in sound. 
Through ‘Over The Galvanized’ and ‘Caskets’ the trio bring a Nine Inch Nails industrial emotive edge with essences of Porcupine Tree before venturing into a rock/grunge flavoursome sound recalling Tool and Kyuss in the likes of ‘Downside Advantage’ and the excellent ‘Rewatched’ to end on an atmospheric Alice In Chains finale with ‘The Bricks Went Flying’. 
Musically and emotional the album is majestic making Presenting The Problem one of the best albums so far this year, a release that manages to be unique, original, and wonderfully familiar all at the same time. (9/10) 

Pete RingMaster 

Band info: www.ribozyme.no